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Kettlebells & Coffee (Factory Coffee, Kalamazoo)

Have you ever wanted to learn the basics of [proper] Kettlebell training? Are you interested in strength training for Yoga? Do you enjoy a cup o Joe? Then this is the workshop for you!

This workshop includes a manual that will include the following:
- Proper Vinyasa Yoga Flow
- Specific drills to target commons weaknesses and imbalances
- How to Plank...for real
- Basics of Handstanding
- The Goblet Squat
- The Get-up
- The Swing
- Seriously helpful extras!
- Recommended programming

This is meant to be an overview and introduction to properly executed training so there’s a TON of information. Even if you’ve been training with all the above for a while, this workshop can still be very useful!

Kettlebells & Coffee will be held at Factory Coffee in Kalamazoo!

Price: $35