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The Method


We will begin with a complimentary consultation which runs about 30-minutes so I can review your comprehensive information sheets and learn how you would like to progress.


Step two requires an assessment.  This will be a general assessment to see which programming series will work best for you and is complimentary.  I also offer FMS screens for $20 if you'd like to put a solid number on your imbalances as well as correctives exercises you can perform to bring your body back to balance. In many cases we can get the assessment done at the same time as the consultation.

personal coaching

First and foremost: this is necessary for safety and performance of 90% of the students who walk in the door. We will set up anywhere from 1 to 5 One-on-One sessions to get you up to speed. In rare cases, an athlete, or physically active student, is ready to begin classes right away. If you can demonstrate correct movement patterns and are void of injuries and discrepancies then you can begin right away!


I tend to run 6-week programs, for 1, 2, or 3 session per week, with students; who receive a program along with the coaching; 45-60-minute training sessions to keep you on task and motivated, online coaching, and access to the Sinew Gymnasium during open-gym hours plus 10% off Yoga Class Packages from Yoga Muse. This is, by far and away, the best option to make consistent and lasting positive change. This is also an excellent option for small groups. If you want results THIS is the way to achieve them. Small groups (2-5 students) will decrease the cost and increase the motivation factor through the roof!

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