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Develop Mental & Physical Strength

Re-discovering movement through play, calisthenics, kettlebells, and odd object lifting. Living in Sinew is, first and foremost, a philosophy system.  We develop strength in character and a "low-stress" mindset.  I start with assessments, breathing techniques, basic movement patterns, rehabbing injuries  and correcting imbalances then move on to developing raw power, strength and mobility through advanced tension and relaxation techniques.  With this methodology you'll find the true meaning of strength and be on your way to become the strongest version of yourself.


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I don’t think anyone can classify Luke as just a trainer. I mean he’s a kick-ass trainer, but he’s more than that when it comes to his clients. When I pictured hiring a trainer I figured I’d spend a couple hours a day or maybe a week swearing really hard with someone I’ve paid to hold me to it and then leave and go about my day. When Luke became my personal trainer that is not at all the experience I had. I knew from the start he was not what I expected cause he was super energetic and was wearing toe-shoes...I thought I was gonna regret this decision. Yet after our first full session, I felt it was a good fit (I even bought my own pair of those shoes). I came into training with Luke dealing with some major body issues that very few were aware of at the time. Luke never acknowledged what I couldn’t do and instead focused and what I could do and used that to reach the areas I was lacking and wanted to go. I may not have been strong enough to do a push-up, but I was hella flexible with great endurance and recovery time and he saw that. Yeah I’d swear and complain during boot camps or one-on-ones, yet he’d just smile and tell me I wasn’t done. He knew what my body was capable of when my mind told me I was too weak. That’s why Luke isn’t a typical “trainer”. He cares about the body and the mind of each of his clients. I’m an extreme case I know, at the same time, I can honestly say I wouldn’t be as healthy, strong, and possibly alive without the support and training like has provided over the years. I now can revel in feeling the strength that I have mentally and physically because of the training I received from him. That’s why I could never stick Luke in just the “trainer” box. He’s more than that. But if I had to...I’d say he’s the best trainer I’ve ever had. He changes lives, he gets results, he makes shit happen. Luke Andresen is an outstanding trainer.

Luke Andresen is easily the strongest man I know and his training makes it clear why.

His training develops your strength to its maximum potential because he builds its different aspects. His training is friendly and gentle and it is decisive and well-informed. If you take initiative, Luke will train you in genuine strength and will give you a valuable education on how to fortify and care for your muscles and bones. Compare for yourself: you will find that his physical training and scientific knowledge is true to science. I’m truly lucky to have received Luke’s mentorship, physical education, and training!
— Timmothy Dolan


no compromises

Simply stated; you will LEARN in my one-on-one trainings as well as the classes I teach. Show me comprehension and then progress!

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Who Am I?

Luke andresen

I'd always been an active kid, even climbing before I could walk.  That passion for movement (I seriously can't sit still) has not slowed down in my adult life.  I was in the Navy Seabees for 8 years, performed on multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, and was attached to Special Forces units while on deployment.  I learned a lot while overseas.  What to do...and what NOT to do have become readily apparent to me over the years.  I was introduced to the SEAL lifestyle while in Iraq (2010) and it changed me forever.  This is where I picked up kettlebells for the first time and where I found out what I was made of.  In retrospect, most of that crazy stuff was detrimental towards being a super soldier as opposed to helpful.  What I strive for is the MED (Minimum Effective Dose) to create a space of strength nirvana: the least amount of work for the maximum amount of results.  I don't do stuff that doesn't work.  Simple as that.  I'm not all in your face or gung-ho about military life and training, on the contrary: I'm laid back and pretty chill.  I believe there's no such thing as failure, only experiments.  I want to share what I've learned more than anything on this planet, I can't wait to meet you!