Important: feel free to stop by anytime and check out the space / ask a few questions.  I STRONGly recommend you sign up for an assessment so I can see where you're at and, usually, I'd like to spend 1-3 sessions of one-on-one time so you can get the highest quality coaching to make sure you're on track and understand how to conduct yourself in class (technically speaking).

Note: I'm currently running KIDstrong & Power-to-the-People Classes as well as GMB Classes; Elements, Integral Strength, Focused Flexibility, Vitamin, & Skills Classes on the schedule.  To put a different class up, request it!

I hold certifications with Gold Medal Bodies (GMB) and StrongFirst (SFGI) and utilize both methods to their fullest. Feel free to drop in sometime and check it out!



A 45-minute long physical education class built on the tried and true basics of strength, endurance, and conditioning training.

Kids today don't get enough movement, or play, in their "physical diet" so it is more important than ever to get them properly educated about movement quality and how to obtain strength. Being strong and fit is, in and of itself, a safety mechanism which will stop you from being injured or throwing your back out. Our bodies need resistance to thrive and our minds needs quality movement and play to stay healthy and happy!

This class will introduce the benefits of bodyweight exercise in a fun and challenging way. There are milestones that all the kids should strive to achieve (such as: 15 Bar Dips, 10 Chin-ups, 100 Air Squats, 30 Push-ups & being able to run for half an hour straight) which will keep them motivated enough to continue training and remember the lessons they learn in class for, hopefully, the rest of their lives. The goals aren't required but they offer incentive to keep training! We will cover a wide variety of playful movements and calisthenics to develop physical autonomy and instill confidence.


primal play

This class intends to facilitate movement exploration through fun skill building and playful exercise.  During this 45-minute class you will crawl, bend, twist, roll, jump, squat, hand balance, and more as you gain strength, motor control, and flexibility without even realizing it!

We use much of the GMB curriculum during this class, specifically their "Elements" and "Vitamin" programming.  When it comes to play and movement, GMB knows their stuff. Let's explore it together! 

When the weather is nice we'll take it outside!


focused flexibility

Focused Flexibility is exactly what it sounds like; targeted stretches conducted systematically.  It's not super fancy or complicated, but it WORKS.  GMB created this format and it's basically Yoga for people who aren't into Yoga.  This class runs approximately 45-minutes and includes meditation and breath-work.

Just show up, breathe, and stretch! 


power to the people

Combining old school calisthenics from Ancient Greece and Modern Russian training methodology; Power to the People heavily relies on the teachings of StrongFirst.  During the hour you will learn to use kettlebells to Swing, Squat, Get-up, Press, Snatch, as well as Push-up, Pull-up, and much more!



kettlebells & coffee

The Kettlebell Swing is one of those things that can accomplish a lot in a very short amount of time.  The Get-up will make you super strong and help with almost any strength endeavor you can think of.  This is a 5-week session that covers both.  Your main focus is the Kettlebell Swing & Get-up but we will also spend time with other basics (push-ups, pull-ups, goblet squats, etc.) as time allows.