Kettlebell Basics

Kettlebell Basics

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Are you new to kettlebells? Have you been eyeing the cannonball-with-a-handle for a while now but not sure where or how to start? Maybe you’ve had access to them but they seem to hurt your back every time you do them. Whatever the case; if you’re a beginner or intermediate trainee this is the workshop for you! Kettlebells won’t be the only thing you’ll learn during the 3-hour course, you can expect the following:

  • Alignment: this is, perhaps, the biggest benefit of this workshop; learn how to position yourself for basic exercises including Push-ups, Pull-ups, Planks, etc.

  • Compression techniques and strength-stretching

  • The basic kettlebell movements: Goblet/Front Squats, Swings, Get-ups, Cleans, Military/Push Presses, One-Arm/Double Swings, and the Snatch (or progressions towards it)

  • Q&A after the session for at least an hour

The point of this workshop isn’t to leave you a sweaty mess…although most will find it very challenging; we want you to walk away with skills that you can readily apply right away to your own practice!

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